Custom Facials

Signature Facial - 60 minutes $60
Signature facial, customized treatment for your skin type. It is designed to heal and rejuvenate the skin with cleaning, hydrating and customized mask finished with a facial massage. It helps to improve cellular metabolism and circulation leaving your skin radiant and revitilized.

Image MAX Stem Cell Facial - 60 minutes $80
This anti-aging facial's correction, prevention, and nutrition system targets fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dull sallow skin.

Image Illuminating Facial - 60 Minutes $80
This comprehensive treatment combines the latest innovation in skin lightening technology to correct all forms of hyperpigmentation without irritating the skin.

Christina BioPhyto Facial - 60 minutes $80
A luxuriously customizable treatment provides a tailored solution to multiple skin conditions. Through six different actions, bioactive botanicals enhance blood circulation, accelerate tissue repair, and gently exfoliate damaged skin. This makes the skin bloom again, restoring its balance, vitality and glow.

Christina Château de Beauté Facial - 60 minutes $80
Rejuvenates, brightens and illuminates the skin from within for a youthful glow. Energizes the cells, providing an age-resistant treatment that strengthens collagen production in the skin protecting skin elasticity. Stimulates firming and lifting activity within the skin, filling and smoothing skin to blur the appearance of wrinkles.

Christina Comodex Facial - 60 minutes $75
Comodex is a comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne damage, oily and combination skin. Treatment includes Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids.

Skin For Life Oxygen Infusion Treatment (Add-On for any Facial or Microdermabrasion) $25
The Oxygen Infusion Treatment uses three basic concentrates to deliver not only oxygen for cells to use, but nutritional supplements to help maximize the treatment benefits.

  1. Oxygen Infusion Gel + brightening with: (Kojic acid, Bearberry, Licorice) - Brightens skin with a more youthful appearance. Excellent for skin that wants a radiant and even complexion
  2. Oxygen Infusion Gel + sensitive with: (Bisabolol, Centaurium Erythraea Extract) -Soothes and calms sensitive skin, while hydrating and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Oxygen Infusion + activator: (Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrogen Peroxide) - Interacts with skin enzymes, which encourages the energy to breakdown the activator into pure oxygen